Blood Wedding


Speculative Design Project

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


Direction: Antony Eden

Stage Design: Khadija Raza and Ella Gordon

Lighting Design: Sana Yamaguchi and Jack Channer

Photos by Sana Yamaguchi

Our design concept was to set the play in a dreamscape of the bride, where she relives the tragic events that have happened in real life, and she reflects on the reasons why those events took place- the societal confines, and her own actions that led to where she is now. 

Setting the story in a dreamscape allowed us to think about design in an abstract way. We chose to have stained glass panels onstage and in the side coves which cast beautiful textured shadows on the floor. Different atmospheres were achieved through having lights shine through the stained glass from different heights and angles, which changed the length and quality of the shadows.