Interactive installation exhibited at the Design and Crafts Exhibition at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Embassy Theatre, 3rd-5th May, 2017

Concept and Design: Sana Yamaguchi

Technical design: Alex Gooding

Equipment provided by: RCSSD’s Technical Support Department

What interests me most in life is psychology and philosophy, and especially the most basic philosophical laws that are existent in this world that we live in. I decided to base this installation around the law of Causality, which states that every cause has an effect.


The concept:

As you walk into the Embassy Theatre, you trigger one dot and line to be drawn, which connects to another dot already existing. The dot symbolizes you, and the line symbolizes the effect that you caused by just being here today.

As this network of lines created by the cycles of cause and effect expands, I would like to explore: How complex is the invisible network of connections around us? And if we affect our surroundings just by existing and being here today, what effects do we create on the world through living consciously? 


Time Lapse


Original estimated outcome