Still Waiting

As part of the Crew for Calais Mini-season at the 2017 Vault Festival

Artists: John Biddle, Loren O'Dair, Dom Coyote

Direction & Photography: Rich Rusk

Lighting Design: Sana Yamaguchi


From the

Performed by John Biddle, Dom Coyote and Loren O’Dair, Still Waiting draws on personal experience in the refugee camps of Calais, Paris and Greece, twitter feeds from the Calais camp during the final evictions, and material from the Refugee Rights Data Reports to show a version of events that simply didn’t exist in mainstream media.

Still Waiting is a celebration of the hundreds of grassroots organisations that have sprung up across Europe to support refugees, and the thousands of volunteers who have freely given in support of those journeying to Europe. We don’t pretend to be a voice for refugees, nor do we have that right. But we are saying ‘Not In My Name’, loudly, and with music, to a UK government that greets those seeking refuge with walls, barbed wire, violence and fear.